Workshops and Events

Sacred Pathways workshops and events create a space for you to disconnect from your day to day life, come into spiritual community, and create the next steps on your journey. They are designed to provide joyful, soulful, transformative experiences.

Wake and Kinlen’s facilitation style honors each person in the circle and their gifts. Unlike most teachers, Wake and Kinlen engage the energetic experiences along with the participants, sharing their transformative moments along with the group. This willingness to be vulnerable opens the door for others, creating appropriate deep sharing.

Having worked with individuals and groups for over 15 years, Wake and Kinlen are strong advocates for each person’s inner guidance, personal choice, and individual growth pathway.

For many people, the journey will blossom beyond personal work, into leadership and global visioning.

Transcending Through the Mesa is designed for trained shaman and mesa carriers. During the weekend you will experience the blossoming of your mesa from your Initial Training, through the evolution of Personal Medicine, and into Transcending Global Presence.

Transcending mesa fire ceremony

Sacred Pathways Experiential Workshops include:

Transcending Through the Mesa: How does the Mesa grow, while we grow? In its own unique way. This workshop provides experience reaching into the next level of awareness and manifestation of our soul's journey on the Earth. While it has been powerful at each stage of our growth, the mesa leads with tremendous grace into awareness of our power as Global Transformers. Not only do we become more present and powerful as we develop, but our mesas become more open and connective. We become aware of how our mesas continue the journey and assists in bringing our gifts to the world.

Great Rites of Enlightenment: This series of three classes, offers intimate learning and embodiment of the human journey from the beginning of the voyage, to the fulfillment of our expression as both human and divine beings. Working with the Rites is an engaging and powerful pathway to embody the fullness of who you truly are.

Great Rites: Essential Form and Experience - Receive the 9 Great Rites in their simplified form, easy to access and learn to transmit to others.  A great way to start.

Great Rites: Traditional Ceremonial Quechua Language and Form - Receive the Rites in the ancient vibration of Quechua language and their traditional, physical earthy form, as given by the Q'ero shaman of Peru. Learn ceremonial Quechua and deepen your conscious experience with each Rite. 

Great Rites: Being the Creator - Experience unique energy medicine to embody the Earthkeeper, Starkeeper, and Creator. You'll slip past cultural veils and turn over the fairytales to be present in the world in a completely new and amazing way. You'll practice new energetic tools, specific to each Rite, for yourself, your clients, and family.

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In ceremony with the land in Yachats, Oregon 2015