Special Peruvian Pairings – Four/Two/Seven


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A Rainbow-inspired four quarter cloth is combined with a naturally hued two-panel expression of light. The universe of the Tawantinsuyu (in Andean terms: totality and inclusion) is overlayed, therefore, with the complementary opposite playground; the smaller cloth is boarded with the special Nawi (eye/protection) pattern, and accented with rainbow stripes.

A seven piece Mini Crystal Chumpi set is added to this Pairing for clear energy access and expression. A classic, beaded tie is added to this bundle. All together, this is a veritable playground of possibilities in essential expressions of the Andean world.

This Special Peruvian Pairing consists of:

Four Quarter Cloth – From Wake’s special Divination Cloth collection – Created by Huaman, a Pitaumarca weaver – Purple Berry, Cranberry, Deep Rose and Tan – 22X22″ – $135.00

Suyu – In Fawn Brown and Heather Tan with Rainbow edged stripes an rainbow corner fringe – 10X10″ – $42.00

Crystal Mini Chumpi Set – $145.00

Q’ero Watana Tie – 44″ – $12.00

A Value of $334 for $ 315.00

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Weight 16 oz
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