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Serpentine – green mineral in shades of pale yellow, medium green to dark green. For it’s name similar to the serpent, it is known for its connection to the Earth, to Kundalini energy, and spiritual exploration. In Peru it is found near Machu Picchu, is used to draw Sami (usable energy) and dispel Houcha (heavy, unusable energy)

Used for initiation, healing, and transformation, Chumpi Stone Sets are the
voice of the Andean Cosmology and shamans’ way. These sets, hand-crafted
in the Sacred Valley of Peru, are intentionally small in order to fit nicely in our
hands, easily enhance the work of the mesa, and be portals to the divine.

This Serpentine Mini Chumpi Stone set includes 7 pieces and a woven bag. The stones are 1-1 1/2 inches. Limited quantity.

Each set is unique in both color and design.

Coins, Dice and Textiles not included in price

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Weight 12 oz
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