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Q’ero Textile Cosmology with Wake

Robert Wakeley Wheeler, contemporary shaman, bridges the realms of spirit and material as he delves more deeply into the world of the Q’ero cloth.  Dive more deeply into the relationship between thread and stone. Learn to understand the hidden meanings in your own Medicine Cloth. Decipher your Medicine Bundle.

See the magic of folding and unfolding cloth; revealing new insights and practices from the ancient mesa art.  Brought to life in Wake’s hands, these cloths remind us that, as celestially guided beings of light, we may all become the interpreters of our own cloths, releasing their stories and teachings.

 Special emphasis on essential aspects of the Q’ero Cosmology through exploration of Ayni, the reciprocal relationship (#2), and Tawantinsuyu, the foundation (#4) of all Creation.

 Visit the Southern Cross and the Rainbow Pathway as they orient us and interweave within the Q’ero beliefs.

Running time 119 minutes

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