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Q’ero Textile Energy & Artistry with Wake

In this downloadable video series, contemporary shaman Robert Wakeley Wheeler introduces the viewer to the power and beauty of the cloths,  and energy practices of the High Andes Q’ero of Peru.

With enthusiasm and fervor, Wake magically, even whimsically immerses us in the indigenous soul and energy practices of the Q’ero.

The medicine cloths, wrapping the sacred, traditional mesa, act in synergistic relationship to reveal the true depth and power of the mesa.

Learn the significance of sacred textile images: the Ch’unchu and Chacana, in particular.

Engage in the practice of divination using the cloth and companion stones.

Join the exploration and new cosmology of this ancient art and apply it to your life and spiritual practice.

Running time 156 minutes

*These will download as a zip file. Some media players will play the zip file without having to extract. Others will require you to extract the files first and then import into the player.

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