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In the Journey of Enlightenment DVD, Kinlen weaves a joyful story that brings clarity to the mysteries of the medicine wheel. You’ll gain understanding about your journey through the Medicine Wheel, and the human journey of personal growth.

During a training program – so much is packed into classes, that it can be difficult to understand all that happened there, let alone have words to share it with others. This DVD will give you a more conscious understanding of the foundations of each stage of the journey.

Kinlen outlines a beautiful map of the Journey of Enlightenment, to help you consciously engage the fullness of your Spirit’s purpose. You will gain a deeper understanding – not only of where you have been, but where you are now, and where you are going. The DVD includes exercises to help you grow in each of the levels of Enlightenment.

Reviewer, Sue Imperial writes – “Kinlen’s engaging and poignant expression, coupled with effective graphics, render a powerful blueprint of the process of spiritual growth. She has developed practices working in the energy field to assist us in breaking free of old patterns and to create new energetic structures so that we might grow into our fullest selves”

The DVD also contains supportive exercises created and lead by Kinlen, in her enchanting voice.

129 min, and is Closed Captioned for hearing impaired.

For additional support you can schedule sessions with Kinlen, and individualize learning in any area of the Journey.

 Click here for session information with Kinlen


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