Hands – Maki set with Hatband


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These crafted hands are paired with Oregon beach stones, a zip bag and headband. The Q’ero believe their origin is the stars. This pairing helps to communicate in the celestial realms. Wear  your headband while you work with this set and know the experience of the Q’ero.

These hands are carved from alabaster (huamanga). They are used by the Q’ero peoples of the high Andes in energy work.

The Lloq’e Maki (left hand) represents our inner world, the magical world, the sacred/spirtual world, the lunar world, the Feminine, and “holding” energy. It is the Hand of Receptivity. Reforming, Internal work and of Reaching Within.

The lloq’e maki (left hand) holds energy which provides a quiet place to process during which there is a reordering and adjustment of reality. This process if internal reworking may evolve over time, The end result is an inner self that is true to the soul

The Pana Maki (right hand) represents our outer world, the mystical world, the secular world, the solar world, the Masculine, and “projection” energy. It is the Hand of Power. Affirmation, Action/Manifestation, Expression, Offering, Reaching Out/ Reaching Forward.

The pana maki (right hand) relates to reaching out and pulling in every. The paq’o (Andean medicine person) reaches out to the ancestors for knowledge and wisdom with an open right hand. The power of the right hand is also used to manifest by transmuting energy from one state to another.

Includes Peruvian Woven Zip Bag 4″x4″

Hatband 30″

Central Oregon Coast Beach Stones

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Weight 14 oz
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