Chinchero Rainbow Mestana Created by Pascuala and Pitumarca Rainbow Four Quarter Cloth


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A collaborative set by Pascuala and Celia – two master weavers bring their creations together to craft sacred art.

The Chinchero Rainbow Mestana is of the highest quality with vibrant natural dyes. The cloth dances with color and you can feel the Andes in every stitch.

The Tawantin (four quarter) cloth also radiates with rainbow hues. This is a cloth for divination and for arranging the energy universe as you wish it to be.

Together with collected beach stones, this set is a delight and will surely enhance your explorations and expressions of the Andean Sacred Arts.

Whether used as your mestana, a companion mesa piece, or a decorative item in your home, you will certainly notice the exceptional quality of these weavings that have been dreamed into being and woven in the prayer of creation. By purchasing these special pieces you are supporting the most sophisticated expression of the weaving arts of the Andes and letting the weavers know that we value their work and its authentic beauty.

This Mestana cloth is made in the high mountain air near Cuzco, Peru. It has sections of action in symbol, and sections of repose, solid. Made of 100% natural alpaca and sheep wool, natural dyes.

Mestana Cloth Approx: 25″ x 24″

Four Quarter Cloth 13.5″ square

Combined with some wonderful Central Oregon beach rocks, agates and bits.

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Weight 17 oz
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