Chakana Cloth – The Bronze Llama


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The Bronze Llama is the guardian of this Tawantinsuyu Chacana. She comes with Oregon coast agates for divination and energy radiance. A perfect palette for all your Mesa Khuyas and companions to craft your own universe on cloth.
Presenting hand-dyed Andean cloth in the Chakana style for decoration, divination, and organization of your personal and mesa cosmology.
Weavers from the Center for Traditional Textiles in Pitumarca, a rural weaving community, hand-crafted these special pieces for our use.
In explanation of these special   fabrics:
The Inca Realm was divided into four quadrants, or suyus. Each suyu has a name, a corresponding geographical location, defining energy, and color.
Direction           Feature           Energy                  Color
NE                    Antisuyu        The Jungle        Wild Green
SE                    Collasuyu       Lake Titicaca    Emergence White
SW                  Cuntisuyu         Nasca Lines      Vision Yellow
NW             Chinchaysuyu     Machu Picchu    Mastery Red
You’ll find these special cloths as great learning and teaching tools of Inka Energy Cosmology.
Bring your mesa to the table; experiment with these special Chakana / Tawantinsuyu cloths.

Approx: 17″ x 17″

Small Bronze Llama and Oregon Coast Beach Agates

3×4″ Woven lined zip bag

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Weight 14 oz
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