Motion in Andean Cloth

Motion is woven into Andean cloth.

Energy Weavers

The Q’ero, shamans of the high Andes, are weavers of energy patterns.

These depicted figures represent the breath of Creation. The dark bordered image is the in-breath; the image bordered in white is the out-breath. Together they are life and describe a natural process.

These figures give us guidance: there are times when we are collecting energy, other instances when our energy is projecting. Sometimes we absorb, other instances we radiate.

In the cloth, both dualities are happening at once – we are not only naturally collecting energy from all around us, but we are also projecting who we are into the world. There is an absorptive quality of our being, combined with a natural radiance.

These energy cloths are teaching volumes

Collecting / Projecting
Absorbing / Radiatin