KUICHI CHUMPI – Rainbow Chumpi Stones

Invite a Rainbow into your Mesa

By Wake

We present the newly crafted Mini Rainbow Chumpi stone set: Kuichi Chumpi. In Quechuan, language of the Q’ero, “Kuichi” is the term for rainbow and “Chumpi” refers to lines and belts of energy that are attracted to and emanate from each stone. This new Chumpi Ayllu (Spiritual Community)  is hand carved in Cusco by master stone crafter, Arturo.

As the first mini rainbow stone set of its kind, it finds inspiration from the Q’ero shamans, spiritual advisors to the Inka, and their rainbow banner. The rainbow is, in fact, the comprehensive symbol of our spiritual inheritance. These rainbow stones also trace our personal energy journey from the first through the seventh chakras, from red to violet. They have the potential to energize our rainbow body and open the portals within our luminous field.

Through hands-on experimentation, you’ll discover your own uses for this Rainbow Chumpi family; a perfect companion for and amplification of the Mesa’s energies.


These Chumpi stones were each sourced within the Peruvian Andes:

1) Red Jasper
2) Orange Jasper
3) Citrine
4) Chrysocolla
5) Celestine
6) Sodalite
7) Amethyst

Rainbow Chumpis are Star Stones. By Andean lore, each Chumpi point is related to a mountain peak, and each peak, tied to a star. The Rainbow Chumpis, then, point to the stars, their origin place and connecting point. Luminous threads naturally collect and spread from every peak.

You’ll notice that each Chumpi point is ringed by three carved lines. These carvings represent the lower, middle, and upper worlds of the Q’ero Cosmology: the Uhupacha, Kaypacha, and Hanaqpacha, respectively. These rings also stand for our states of being: love, wisdom, and service: Munay, Yachay, and Llankythumb_img_5809_1024Enliven the Q’ero Cosmology that is already living within your Sacred Bundle.By bringing a rainbow into your mesa, you enliven the vibrations of each color, shape, and realms they represent.

Each handcrafted Kuichi Chumpi has its own, unique texture. Handling these stones is like holding the Andes in your hands.