Global Vigil Fires and International Gatherings

Global Vigil Fires

June 21-22, 2019

September 21-22, 2019

We tend a 2-day Global Vigil Fire together. Working in pairs, each person has time as the key tender. Each having a chance to set the tone and the work of the Fire. Through the night different shaman tend the Fire. While others continue the work through dreamtime, or find themselves called back to the fire in the night.

Working in circle with shaman from around the world brings a rich fullness of differing ideas and insights. It brings us back to our personal work and our understanding that as we shift, heal, and grow, we are part of the emerging awareness on Earth.

Create your Own Global Vigil Fire

If you can’t be with us in person, join us from where you are.
100’s of other shamans around the world create their own ceremonies and fires to Vision with us.

  • Participate on your own, or create a group to vision with.
  • Access your own medicine and create the ceremony that has meaning to you.
  • Offer your personal work to others who are reaching to solve the same issues.
  • Join your energy and vision with the Global Vigil Fires around the world.

Together our focused intention touches Creation! bringing more grace, and awareness to our unfolding universe.

Let us know your plans, and how your Fire goes - through e-mail, or on Facebook.

International Gatherings of Shamans

For 11 years Sacred Pathways facilitated The International Gathering of Shamans. Wake and Kinlen were invited to ancient sights that were loved and cared for by several different shamans. Over the years, they organized these Spirit Journeys in England, Ireland, Hawaii, The Netherlands, France, Greece and Peru. They also facilitated the Gatherings in Yachats, Oregon each year.

As part of a 6 or more days Gathering, there was always the Global Vigil Fire. Typically tended and worked energetically for 3- 24 hour days. The Global Vigil Fire was the core of the work at the Gatherings.

In the fall of 2018, Wake and Kinlen, co-creating with Jeremy Mitchard, shared their final International Gathering of Shamans, near Stonehenge in England. While it was the perfect place to bring the Gatherings to completion, it also felt bitter sweet. As the Gatherings had become the place where Wake and Kinlen met up with their core group of close shaman friends and family. The time together in this kind of Circle would surely be missed.

Wake and Kinlen are so grateful for all the people who have participated in the Gatherings, as well as Global Vigil Fires over the years. So honored that other shaman would find the work as worthwhile as they did. In 2019, they created a letter of Thanksgiving. You can read it here.

Thank You Letter

While the International Gatherings of Shamans feels complete, the Global Vigil Fires burn on. We invite you to participate with us, from where ever you are at the time. The dates are listed at the top of the page with the information about Global Vigil Fires.

We gathered together with trained shaman and energy workers, in very special, sacred environments of the world.

Together we:

  • Visioned for the Earth and her unfolding awakening, through global fire
  • Sourced the unique energy of different sacred lands
  • Shared our growing medicine, and the new stories of our time
  • Developed new medicine together in co-created ceremony
  • Restored ourselves in the energy of self-referencing spiritual community

Each International Gathering came together to honor and join in relationship with the land of the site. We worked with the land for 2-3 days, hearing its story, offering ceremony, listening for its guidance. We tracked the issues of the moment, synergies and synchronicities that showed up in the group. Then we prepared our Global Vigil Fire, wove our vision together with other ceremonialists, and sent it out to the Earth.

If Gatherings are part of your medicine, we encourage you to share in this practice.

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