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Personal Sessions

From beginner to the deeply wise, we all need to continue our personal work. While this work can happen on our own, through trial and error; Wake and Kinlen's skilled tracking and process can help you:

  • Engage transformative process directly and powerfully
  • Bring renewed energy and flow into your life
  • Move consciously through natural life changes
  • Transform painful experiences into enduring treasures
  • Develop your personal medicine

Personal sessions can help you move forward in your journey in productive and surprising ways.  Often people feel a direct shift in their way of being in the world. Your journey can be supported through classes, sacred journeys, individual sessions, or a combination of these. We find that all three are valuable in the process of transformation. For information on how a session goes, see below.

“It is our honor and joy to work individually with clients, and witness beautiful
transformation in their lives.” Kinlen


Individualized Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions are designed to help trained shaman and community leaders develop skills when working with clients, students, or leading spirit circles. Wake and Kinlen follow a process of supportive facilitation. They honor that every person has gifts to share, and that those gifts show up in client sessions, classes, and events. Realizing that everyone is a teacher, and that “teachers” learn so much form their clients and participants, creates respect in relationships and allows for a more whole experience for everyone.

Wake and Kinlen support facilitators in tracking the energy of the group, providing an emotionally safe environment, using stories to lift and inspire growth, and in building a flow of energy during the workshop or event, that builds to maximize the participants experience.

The issues that come up for facilitators, in their circles and classrooms, are often pointing to continued work the facilitator is ready for. And these pieces are fundamental to the growth of the facilitator, and to their work.

Planning mentoring sessions before and after each class, or circle, can be very helpful, especially when facilitating your first circles or starting medicine wheel classes.

How Does a Session Go?

Individual sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours in length, by phone or Skype. You will have a chance to discuss what's happening in your life, and what you want to experience instead.

Through this process Wake or Kinlen will be tracking the energy and mythic life of what you are expressing, and determine what forms of energy work will be used. In energy work, the shaman does not need to hear much of the story, as the energy itself is present. The shaman will guide the client and actively support the process. The shaman will assist the client in breaking clear of old energy patterns, and creating new structures of energy for the client to grow into their fullest selves.

To continue the work after the session we often give forms of energy work and ceremony for the client to work with as they feel called.  We have noticed that the work has a profound impact at the time of a session, and then will continue to unfold in the client's life.

By doing your personal work, with guidance form Wake or Kinlen, you will learn how to navigate in the energetic and mythic realms, you will learn to shift patterns in your life with much less effort, and much greater success.

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