Date(s) - 09/21/2019 - 09/22/2019

Global Vigil Fires

Join Wake and Kinlen, as well as visioners, Earthkeepers, and other ceremonialists around the world! We will be in Yachats, Oregon, in the US. Please join from wherever you are, for whatever amount of time you can,  September 21st to September 22nd.  Call together a circle, or vision on your own through Fire Ceremony, candle light, meditation or other method. Maintain your visioning for an hour, or through the night. Then weave your vision into the energetic tapestry of all beings dreaming of a more integrated, just, sustainable, loving human community on Earth.

Working in circle with shaman from around the world brings a rich fullness of differing ideas and insights. It brings us back to our personal work and our understanding that as we shift, heal, and grow, we are part of the emerging awareness on Earth.

Create your Own Global Vigil Fire

This is your chance to create your own ceremony, in your own way. With your intention, join your energy and vision with 100’s of other shamans and visioners around the world. 

  • Participate on your own, or create a group to vision with.
  • Access your own medicine and create the ceremony that has meaning to you.
  • Offer your personal work and transformation to others energetically.
  • Join your energy and vision with the Global Vigil Fires and other ceremonies around the world.

Together our focused intention touches Creation! bringing more grace, and awareness to our unfolding universe.

Let us know your plans, and how your Fire goes – through e-mail Kinlen:  or on Sacred Pathways Facebook page.