Chumpi Stones

Chumpi Stones are ancient tools of the shaman. Originally emerging from the Andes, these stones are sacred to the Q’ero, the medicine men and women of the high mountains of Peru.

Chumpi Stone Sets are intimately connected to the wisdom and power of the Apus (the mountain spirits). As such, they are seen as empowered stones, and have direct relationship to the stars.

Used for initiation, healing, and transformation, Chumpi Stone Sets are the voice of the Andean Cosmology and shamans’ way. These sets, hand-crafted in the Sacred Valley of Peru, are intentionally small in order to fit nicely in our hands, easily enhance the work of the mesa, and be portals to the divine.

We carry these Chumpi Stones in Crystal, Alabaster, Peruvian Jade, Hematite, Rainbow, Lapis and Amethyst. The sets include 7 pieces and come in a Peruvian woven bag. The Mini Chumpi Stones are approximately 1.5 inches across.