Chakana Oracle Deck and Guidebook


Drake and Wake offer you a rich resource of Andean cosmology and symbology. The Chakana Oracle and Guidebook (sometimes spelled Chacana) provide you with a way to access their journey time and research in the Sacred Valley of Peru. What they have gleaned from a collective 35 years of experience, offer you:

a profound opportunity to ask your deep life questions,
and steep
in the energetic pathway forward

The Chakana Oracle Cards you draw can inform your energy body, at both the mythic (big vision) and energetic vibrations. When we ask creation or Spirit to help us create the life we want, the cards reveal the fullness of the pathway forward. There may be things we need to honor, release, open to, visualize, reorganize etc…

The Q’ero teach that when we drop into the energy of what we want, and consciously choose what we want to feel like, the cards will reflect the energy and the mythic picture with wholeness.

The Chakana Oracle Guidebook helps you drop into this constellation of support, and navigate your way through each step. Working with archetypal images in this way has given rich context to daily experience, as well as, personal and client work.

The deck has 100 cards, each with an archetypal symbol of Andean perception, the Quechua word for it, and the English translation. In its simplest use, the deck provides a way to learn ceremonial Quechua. You can find additional meaning by tapping into, or meditating on, the energy of the symbol.

When combined with the Guide book, each card is more deeply revealed through a description, key words, a reading, and a practice. In addition, the Guidebook offers different layouts and fields to support the work, giving further insight to the Cosmology and the resource it shares with you.

Wake's interview with Dr. Sharon Martin, The Chakana Oracle

Listen to Wake’s interview by Dr. Sharon Martin on her Maximum Medicine Radio show. He speaks about the Q’ero, medicine people of the Andes, and their gift of the Mesa, the portable Andean altar. Through the use of a four card reading from the Chakana Oracle (or Chacana Oracle) divination cards, Wake weaves stories of the Mesa and of creative solutions dealing with these unusual times.

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