About Wake

Wake is a counselor, convener, teacher, and group facilitator.  He is a student of the Andean Traditions, especially as they are embodied in the Mesa, the Sacred Andean Bundle.

Wake graduated from Stanford University in 1973 with a BA in history and political science.  He received his Juris Doctor law degree in 1976 from Northwestern University School of Law.  He practiced in the estate planning field.  Wake took a sabbatical from the practice in 1999 and traveled to Peru with his family.  There he met shamans, engaged in ceremony, received transmissions, and never looked back.  He traveled there, on solo quests and as a facilitator, for the next two decades.  He’s been sharing his experiences and knowledge through mentoring, classes, gatherings, and journeys throughout this time.

Wake returned to Cusco in October, 2019, to celebrate a 20-year immersion in the Andean Ways.  He has been particularly drawn by the synergy of cloth and stone.  With the special blessings of don Francisco and dona Juanita, Wake continues his exploration of mesastewardship and energy dynamics held within these sacred threads.