About Kinlen

“ I believe that we are all called on a path of spiritual awakening and personal growth. This calling is so strong that it will not be denied easily. Daily we are invited, both lovingly and through the consequences of our choices, to hear the inner voice of transformation. Once we become aware of this calling we can engage it consciously; and our lives begin to transform into a tapestry of richness and joy.”  Kinlen Wheeler

Training in shamanism offered a pathway for Kinlen to experience deep spiritual growth, which has become the basis for her work with clients. She has a special joy working with people who seek their fullest expression in this lifetime.

Kinlen helps people at any stage of the journey:

  • Recognize where you are
  • Appreciate what you have come through
  • Engage experiences that transform the past
  • And dive confidently forward into deeper freedom, personal power, and joy

Having worked with clients, and lead groups for many years, Kinlen is a wonderful mentor for those seeking to improve their skills as class and circle facilitators, teachers, as well as, with their client sessions.

Kinlen has several videos and CD’s available here in the Marketplace, to help support your journey and that of your clients. Check out the DVD called the Journey of Enlightenment and a CD of Circle Songs. Currently, Kinlen is writing a book for deeper study through the gateways of personal growth, accessing shamanic practices.

Earlier in her career working with people’s emotional, spiritual and physical health, Kinlen became a Registered Dietitian. Along with her passion for Spiritual deepening, she continues her studies of healthy eating and exercise. She believes that spiritual growth can free up the unconscious drivers of unhealthy behaviors.