About Wake



                           AND DEVELOPING ITS TOOLS.


As a young boy, Wake’s favorite place was on the shores of Lake Geneva, a gathering place in southern Wisconsin. Here, he walked aside the blue waters on an ancient path. This is where he explored, experienced, and grew. This is where he heard tales from his Grandfather of some distant people who walked in these same footsteps. This walking inspired a dream to find what we share. What was common to the timeless ones that could support and inform our current and future steps?

This became an exploration of the Indigenous Soul unique to each seeker. It is a journey that continually reveals aspects of our true selves and authentic natures. This journey brought Wake to the Andes, to the pacos, and to the sacred bundles they carry. The Mesa/Missa/Hatun Ilya Khipu embodies these invisible interior landscapes, illustrates ancient teachings, and gives us mappings of the territory and our way upon it to fulfill our soul’s calling. Wake encourages explorations of the synergies of stone and thread to develop a personal structure that mirrors the Indigenous Soul living within.

This personal cosmology has the capacity to guide us with every breath and with each step. Taking our own cosmology into our own body gives a living sense of how to be and how best to navigate that journey that is our life. This exploration develops a set of guidelines and practices that define and refine us. We craft our own world of the Kawsay Pacha, a personal land of living energy that is who we are and who we are becoming.This work applies to personal awakening, community service, and world engagement.

The first step is to develop a Mesa or reintroduce ourselves to our own Sacred Bundle. The rest will reveal itself in whispers, strong dialogue, and a living visceral relationship with the divine within. The goal of this exploration is to develop everyday tools (external and internal) to vitalize and manifest the relationship with our own indigenous soul.