About Wake

Through his work with the Q’ero shaman in Peru, Wake found his personal artistry flowing through personal sessions, group facilitation, and journeys, and through his profound love for the Textiles of the Andes.

Wake found that he was drawn to working in the Mesa (Spirit Bundle), working with the energy of Altars, and with divination. He uses these tools in all aspects of his life, including client sessions and classes. He has a deep love for the Weavers and Textiles of the Andes, Bringing the Spirit Journey, into the physical world through Intentional Altars.

With all of his experience as individual mentor, group facilitator, spiritual journey guide, Wake has deep insight and skills to support people in personal transformation.

After 20+ years as an attorney, Wake felt a deep urge to take a sabbatical.

He realized that “I knew how to run the law practice, I could see myself doing it, but I could feel my heart was no longer in it. It was time for me to find a more inspiring and connective life.” With personal work and support along the way, Wake has found his own Spiritual Pathways. Let him help you find yours.