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Awakening the Universe Within

Co-Creators of Sacred Pathways


Wake and Kinlen Wheeler

Wake and Kinlen found their Sacred Pathways by reconnecting with nature and transformation through shamanism, plus a variety of personal study and life experiences.  By taking steps down the Pathless Path themselves, they have found they can open new doorways for their clients.

Having worked with individuals and groups for over 15 years, Wake and Kinlen are strong advocates for each person’s Inner Guidance,  Personal Choice, Growth Pathway.

For many people, the journey will blossom beyond the personal work, into leadership and global visioning.

Wake and Kinlen provide sessions individually, each with their unique style. They facilitate groups together to provide joyful, soulful, transformative experiences.

Developing Your Sacred Pathway

Are you seeking deeper meaning in your life, but unsure what the next step is? Would you like support that affirms your unique journey and gifts?  Wake and Kinlen can help you develop a powerful and meaningful life...

For Yourself, In Your Community, In the World

Your Sacred Pathway and Soul’s Calling are unique to you. Through individual sessions, classes, mentoring, and co-creative gatherings, Wake and Kinlen offer their gifts in support of:

  • Your unique journey
  • Your personal artistry
  • Your soul’s calling

Click here to set up a session. Take the next step toward the life you are dreaming of.

They are here! The Chakana Oracle Card Deck, Guidebook, and more!

This work is brought to you after years of relationship development, ceremonies, initiations, and discussions with the Q’ero, and other elders from the Sacred Valley. A delightfully different perception of life that comes from the heart of Peru.

  • Learn Andean cosmology from 100 archetypal wisdom cards
  • Source your pathway through life’s challenges, and towards your soul's calling

The Chakana Oracle

by Drake Bear Stephen and Robert Wakeley Wheeler

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