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The indigenous population of the High Andes, and specifically the Q’ero, have woven and used Four-Quartered Cloths throughout their residence in their rarified land. From the most practical use as carrying cloths of corn and potatoes to woven altars and divinatory masterpieces, these cloths are an essential part of the Andean experience and expression. The most sophisticated expression of these cloths is to symbolically, mythically, and energetically envision and organize the totality of their world. The “t’iklli” cloth is known throughout the Andes.

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Two Panel Cloth

This classic Andean cloth is used for many purposes, however the cosmology that it refers to is even more elaborate.

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The Chunchu

The classic Q'ero design of the Chunchu will be unveiled in the months to come. We'll make an announcement in FB when it is ready.

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The Chacana, or Andean Star

The Chacana pattern comes form the stars in the Southern Cross. We are excited to be developing the textile pages of Sacred Pathways website. Please check back in the next couple months, and we will put out updates on FB.

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Mestana Clothes

The Mestana clothes are made as receiving blankets for the babies, they are also often seen around the shoulders of the women. Shaman often use mestanas to wrap their medicine stones, birthing their becoming. More information on the mestanas coming soon.
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The Huaraca

The Huaraca, or sling, is one of the most practical and fascinatingly subtle textiles in all of the Andes. From commanding attention, to herding, gaming, dancing, and fighting, the Huaraca is an essential tool of those who live on this land.

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