International Gathering of Shaman

International Gathering of Shaman at Sacred Pathways

Fairy Tree on the Hill of Tara, Ireland - Join us April 2016

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The 17th Int'l Gathering of Shaman, April 26 to May 1, 2016, Ireland

Magic Cauldron of Transformation - Where fairies, storytellers, magic, and the ancient sites of green draw us into leaps of perception.

Ireland has been waiting for you to return!


The Int'l Gatherings bring people together from many areas of the world, to grow our understanding of of different cultures, and make relationship connections around the world.

We gather together to:

  • Bring Global Ceremony to the Earth, joining in the unfolding consciousness of the planet.
  • Tend the three day Global Vigil Fire, and offer your gifts to the world. 
  • Share our growing personal medicine, as each of us develops individually
  • Develop maps and skills for this new way/time of being.
  • Help working shamans restore themselves in the cup of energy we create when we are together, reaching for our highest destiny.


The International Gathering of Shaman was created in 2007 as a way for trained Shaman and Energy Artists to connect in a community of visioners. As many of us worked through our shamanic journey, we became drawn to work on behalf of the Earth. We began to know the power that our vision and intention could bring to anything. And felt a longing to Vision in collective, for a positive future. The people who are called, create an amazing container of power and joy.

We work together in sacred ceremonies, continuing our personal growth and sharing that energy with the archetypal and collective levels. We go the the sacred sites of the land. Then we offer it out to the EArth, and anyone who might be reaching for healing of similar issues. We reach to develop new visions for what the world can be. Ceremony and sacred drama are called upon to transform old archetypal stories that do not serve our awakening planet.  All of our life experiences and the shamanic training we have developed in our own work, are brought to bear in this time together. Participation is co-creative, supportive, fun, and exciting. We dare to go to the edges of what is known and push the outer boundaries.

This is the work that many of us feel we were born to do!

The International Gatherings of Shaman take place twice a year.  Each fall at our home in Yachats, Oregon, and in the Spring, moving from one world location to another. The Gathering of Shaman, Ireland 2009,  Holland 2010, Sacred Valley, Peru, 2011, Stonehenge England, 2012,and Molokai, Hawaii 2013, Brittany, France 2014, Lesbos, Greece 2015, and Ireland, April 2016.

Each Gathering contains the 3-Day Global Vigil Fire (See Global Vigil Fires and how you might participate with hundreds of other Fire Tenders, and Stewards of the Earth)  The International Gathering of Shaman is an invitation only event. If you would like more information, please contact us at Kinlen at


Mandala Altar, Brittany 2014

Standing Stones of Carnac, Brittany 2014

Global Vigil Fire, Brittany 2014

Shaman to Hula Connection, Hawaii 2013

Evening Vigil, Hawaii 2013

Bringing medicine to the Fire, HI 2013

Spirit Canoe, Hawaii 2013

Crop Circle appears for Gathering, England 2012

Predawn ceremony, inner circle Stonehenge 2012

Sacred Circle, England 2012

Tending Global Fire, England 2012

26ft "Kuya's", Stonehenge 2012

A drink from Chalis Well, Glastonbury, 2012

Receiving Rites from Don Francisco, Peru, 2011

Circle of Shaman, Peru 2011

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