Sacred Fires
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Carla Goddard in Crystal Springs Florida United States Details

Carla Goddard in Crystal Springs Florida United States Details

Carol Bowler in Stratford United Kingdom

Carol McLogan in Oroville

Carol & Jim Brzezinski / Hagedorn in Oakland California United States

Carole Lipschultz in Wyomissing Pennsylvania United States

Carolen Hope in Portland Oregon United States

Caroline Buchanan in Charlotte North Carolina

Catherine McDonnell in Derry United Kingdom

Cathy Matlock in Bakersfield California United States

Cedar Hyde in Arlington Washington United States

Cedric Hood in Cascades South Africa

Charlotte Rafter in Yachats


Cherry-Lee Ward in Timonium Maryland United States

Cheryll Lund in Florence Colorado United States

Chris Doggett in Santa Monica California United States

Chris Krohn in

Christen McMakin in Greenville South Carolina United States Details

Christina Webster in Sanford North Carolina United States Details

Christina Altieri in Jaffrey New Hampshire United States

Christopher and Angela Nissly in Canby Oregon United States

Cielle Backstrom in Fairfield Iowa United States

Cielle and Jeffrey Backstrom in Fairfield Iowa United States Details

Corrie Cooperman in Prescott AZ

Cymbelene Nardo in Livingston New Jersey United States

Cynthia Reardon in Scituate MA

D Bernadette in New Paltz New York United States

Dani Burling in Brentwood California United States Details

Daphne Borda in Warrenton Virginia United States

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To Bee or not to Bee?

The Bee represents the archetype of the collective.  Bees recognize their connectedness, and work together to accomplish things they could not do on their own.  As we recognize that we are all connected Bees, trees, sky, humans, etc… we can work together, as well, and accomplish things to benefit ourselves and the world.     

The 6 sided honeycomb brings us the number of relationship. In the Tarot the 6 is the Lovers.  Balancing of masculine and feminine, combining focus and intention with love and connection, we create a world of Bee-uty and peace, for all of creation.

The gifts of the Bee make it the perfect “Bee-nevolent” mascot for the Global Vigil Fires.