Developing Your Sacred Pathway

We honor and support each individual’s pathway of transformation.  It is the nature of our universe to expand, and with it we as a human species are called to expand as well. It is our belief that the energy work of individuals and shaman all over the planet is having a powerful impact on the awakening of our consciousness, and beginning to weave a new global tapestry.     

Through the recognition of our unique gifts, exploring our inner self, as well as the world around us, Sacred Pathways offer individual, family, community, and global transformational opportunities.  As we expand our understanding of the amazing beings that we are, we create energy around us that lifts and supports others. By exploring and expressing our personal artistry, we help lift the planet.

We invite you to share this sacred journey.

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Mystic Mesa, San Francisco, November 5-8 2015 at Sacred Pathways

Mystic Mesa, San Francisco, November 5-8 2015

Mystic Mesa: Journey to the Heart of the Medicine.
Our Spiritual Journey is mirrored and supported by the mesas and medicine bundles we carry. For many the relationship with their mesa is full of twists and turns. The workshop is designed to
* Flesh out your experience with your Mesa: the medicine it brings, the forms it takes, the Q'ero cosmology that helped create it, and the chumpi stones
* Draw upon your personal gifts, unique medicine
* Integrate the mesa practice into day to day life in new dimensions
* Develop your Mesa mastery through personal insight, curiosity, and joy

This workshop will transform your relationship with your mesa.

Mystic Mesa

Message to Global Vigil Fire Tenders at Sacred Pathways

Message to Global Vigil Fire Tenders

The Fall Global Vigil Fire, September 17-22, 2013

Share in the Vision and Gifts of this fall's Global Vigil Fires.

For more information about the Global Vigil Fires and how to join,
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Gathering and Vigil Fire, near Stonehenge at Sacred Pathways

Gathering and Vigil Fire, near Stonehenge

Pictured here with Wake to the right and Jean to the left, Jeff Churchill was a valuable contributor to the Global Vigil Fire we held near Stonehenge. He arrived 3 days early to create the space for the Fire, from the beautiful wooded lands of our retreat center. He shares his insights from the Gathering below.

England, 9th International Gathering of Shamans, Global Vigil Fire. Good Day to all who attended this powerful Gathering. I would like to thank Jeremy, Kinlen and Wake for having the vision to put together this Global Community and to bring this much needed Energy to those of us who believe from our Hearts that as a community we will make a difference to the World. I received so much from this gathering, some of which will take time to process, that will help me in my Journey to be a part of the New World and bring to light the importance of Community. There where many lessons that I learned about building a community, the ability to teach and learn from people, showing ways and learning ways can be a challenge. I hope that my Energy at this Gathering was taken as a positive for all those I had the pleasure to work with. Believe. Jeffrey

Archetypal Work at the Global Vigil Fire, September  at Sacred Pathways

Archetypal Work at the Global Vigil Fire, September

Part of the energetic work done a the Fire in Yachats, Oregon in Sept, co-creating a ceremony to the Divine Masculine. This stirred up diverse and unexpected feelings within the members of the group. The article below shares some of the insight we learned. [click here for more details]

Letter: Sept. Int'l Gathering of Shaman at Sacred Pathways

Letter: Sept. Int'l Gathering of Shaman

Wake and Kinlen,
Thank you for this year’s gathering. You created a beautiful, potent container with clarity and love for all of us to jump into ~ and we did.

The Collective energy of the group felt like we created, and then rode the wave of, a quantum shift at the heart level. [click here for more details]